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Want to be involved in shaping workforce strategy in your region? Reducing employee turnover? A forum for connecting and sharing resources and market data with other like-minded employers? News about training and hiring events in your local area and how to reduce your HR costs? Access to skilled candidates who are ready to work? TSNO membership can offer employers all of this more. Sign up now.

Tourism SkillsNet Ontario (TSNO) Framework

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Check out the strategic initiatives in your area

Check out the strategic initiatives in your area.

Check out the strategic initiatives in your area.
Partnerships to Recruit and Advance Workers

Partnerships to recruit and advance workers

The TSNO Alliance creates dynamic partnerships that connect employers with the employment services they need to recruit and advance workers with the right, essential, technical and employability skills. Workers also benefit by getting the training they need, in order to qualify for the jobs in the first place. It’s a win-win.

Kick-starting Workforce Recovery

Kick-starting workforce recovery

Tourism & Hospitality Emergency Recovery is a national workforce recovery initiative to connect workers to exciting career opportunities in the tourism and hospitality sector and to support businesses across Canada as they embark on the path to post-COVID recovery.

Say Yes, To Tourism & Hospitality Opportunities, In Northern Ontario

Say yes, to Tourism & Hospitality opportunities, in Northern Ontario

Tourism SkillsNet North (TSNN) is designed to train up to 300 potential employees and match them with a minimum of 150 employers within Northern Ontario’s tourism sector. Qualified employers will be eligible for a 30% wage subsidy up to $3,000 per employee.

Skills & Training, Created For New Canadians

Skills & Training, created for new canadians

Are you new to Canada? You can get the skills you need to have a rewarding career in the Canadian hotel industry to help build a successful future in Canada. From employers and success stories to career opportunities and resources – it’s all right here.

Real time industry data at your fingertips.

In business reliable, real-time sector data is key. TSNO members already have access to high-quality, locally relevant data and insights that can help them make smarter, more proactive business decisions in their regions. Best of all these tools are designed to give business owners and managers a competitive edge by enabling them to continually improve how they run their business. We’ve highlighted a few key benefits for each of the three tools below.

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Labour Market Information Tool (LMI)

The LMI tool helps members gain insights into regional and demographic trends, provides statistics and tracks workplace changes so they can make better more informed decisions about recruiting new staff, training current workforce, and much more.


  • Stay competitive by finding workers with the right skills, faster.
  • Workforce technologies that help keep people employed in their region.
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The Economic Impact Forecasting Model: For the first time in Canada, real-time, local, tourism revenue and labour market forecasting

As a result of COVID-19, the tourism and hospitality industry may face a long and challenging recovery. The Economic Impact Forecast Model can help TSNO members create recovery plans, identify new revenue streams, future staffing needs and more.


  • Helps local and regional businesses bounce-back with smart recovery plans by identifying changing revenue streams that can inform recovery planning.
  • Gives local and regional businesses the tools they need to make better informed operational and staffing decisions.

Training programs

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Entry Level Workers

From initiatives such as Hospitality Career Catalyst and Ready-to-work Program for newcomers, TSNO members already have access to best-in-class training options for their businesses.

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Managers & Supervisors

You’ll want to learn more about TSNO’s Leadership Excellence and Resiliency Series Training. The Leadership Excellence training focuses on developing the skills of new, emerging and experienced managers and supervisors for success. The Resiliency Series has been developed to bridge skills gaps and build a more resilient workforce to proactively counter-act the effects of COVID-19.

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Innovative tools to address skills and labour challenges


ALiGN Platform

ALiGN leverages sophisticated psychometric assessment and job-matching methodologies to improve access to “right fit” talent. ALiGN connects Tourism SkillsNet Ontario partners to job-matching technology and resources.


SkillsPass Wallet

SkillsPass gives millions of people the ability to manage and share their training certificates with current and future employers. Designed for both workers, employers, and partners, SkillsPass provides participants with their own credentialing wallet.



Magnet matches the right talent for the right opportunities. Magnet aggregates jobs from a variety of job boards like indeed and Canada job bank while providing access to thousands of student and mature candidates across the country.


Next Generation Tourism and Hospitality Worker

Tourism & Hospitality Emergency Response (THER) is a new recovery plan for workers and workplaces to assist people who have lost their jobs or are working fewer hours due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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  • Builds collaborative partnerships between industry and the workforce development system
  • Supports attraction, retention and advancement of tourism and hospitality workers
  • Leverages data and technology to help businesses, destinations and workers navigate the labour market with intelligence
  • Ensures quality assurance across training networks through industry-led programming standards and strong evaluation
  • Leverages data and evidence to support targeted investments and consistent communications across the network
  • Provides economies of scale to businesses, destinations and training partners pursuing data, training and technology infrastructure to support their workforce development goals
  • Provides a framework for local strategic workforce planning and the support required for effective implementation

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