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Targeted & collaborative sector impact

We are stronger together

TSNO delivers big-picture strategic sector solutions through industry collaboration – harnessing the unique expertise, perspectives & networks brought to the table by diverse groups.

The long-term goal of the TSNO Alliance is to support the Tourism and Hospitality sector to solve provincial Labour Market challenges by increasing the capacity of members to anticipate, plan for and adapt to fluctuations and shocks, creating a more resilient sector.

People have always been at the core of the hospitality and tourism industry. We believe a resilient and thriving workforce contributes to a dynamic and competitive industry. That’s why the Ontario Tourism Corporation (OTEC) and its partners created Tourism SkillsNet Ontario (TSNO).

What it is

An award-winning provincial alliance, Tourism SkillsNet Ontario (TSNO) is delivered by OTEC in partnership with the Ontario Restaurant Hotel & Motel Association (ORHMA), the Tourism Industry Association of Ontario (TIAO) and a network of local industry and workforce development organizations, with funding through industry partners, government grants and initiatives.

What it does

  • Aligns provincial workforce strategy with local collaboration around industry-specific regional labour challenges.
  • Enables sector-based workforce development through TSNO’s proprietary Provincial Framework model.
  • Builds capacity by unleashing powerful workforce tools, analytics and industry partnerships to strengthen the sector’s agility and competitiveness in an ever-changing world.

The challenge

Due to its diverse and widespread nature, the need is great for a unifying body to create Best-In-Class industry employment standards, attract and retain talent to the sector and strengthen opportunities for vulnerable populations.

The sectors we support

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