Tourism & Hospitality Emergency Recovery (THER)

The hardest hit sectors hit back

As the tourism and hospitality sector shifts to
long term recovery planning, collaboration has
never been more important.

We’re working with partners across Canada to find real solutions to rebuild this critical sector.
As the sector competes for talent, data, information and strong alliances will be critical to our recovery.

Who benefits? How?

TSNO members are coming back strong from COVID-19 with access to initiatives like the Tourism & Hospitality Emergency Recovery (THER) program. But who really benefits? How do they benefit? Let’s take a look at four key areas designed to hit back at the devasting effects of COVID-19.

  1. Sector-specific research zones in or on post Covid-19 recovery:
    Right now, TSNO members benefit by being able to access sector specific research in their region. This helps them understand the experiences and goals of workers impacted by COVID-19 as well as key barriers these workers experience in re-entering the workforce. Then, they can leverage the information to nominate candidates for training initiatives whether that’s upskilling, reskilling and more.
  2. Targeted worker and employer communications keep everyone in the loop:
    • Reaching workers:
      Whether an employee has been furloughed, laid off, or has simply lost their employment due to COVID-19, TSNO members can access the THER Worker’s Registry to:
      • Gauge return to work intentions
      • Stay connected with tourism and hospitality professionals
      • Advise workers about training, support, opportunities, plans to reopen business and more
    • Reaching employers: 
      Employers and workplaces can enhance communications to:
      • Raise awareness about the post-pandemic risks they are facing
      • Remain competitive by highlighting the need for HR analysis and strong business analytics
  3. Resources and technology to help businesses and employees bounce back:
    TSNO members can access online and virtual instructor-led training modules through SkillsPass Ontario. SkillsPass offers three, 90-minute certificate courses in Service Excellence, Service Excellence in COVID-19 and Service EQ. All of which can teach students the transferrable skills that today’s employers demand.
  4. Powerful data. Powerful solutions:
    TSNO members have access to tools like the Labour Market Information (LMI), Job Transition Dashboard and Economic Forecast Model that enables them to make smarter hiring decisions as well as identify what is going on in the marketplace. It virtually takes the guess-work out of the dreaded: ‘What do we do now?’.

Tourism & Hospitality Emergency Recovery is actively making a positive impact in local regions across Ontario

The numbers speak for themselves

  • 1,588+ workers have joined the THER Workers Registry
  • 1,000+ have completed the THER Displaced Workers Survey
  • 25,432+ visitors to the THER Microsite
  • 11% have accessed FREE Training
  • 8% have registered for SkillsPath

Want to learn more about becoming a THER partner?

Contact Melwyn DCosta at mdcosta@otec.org or download our Tourism & Hospitality Emergency Recovery Partnership Guide.

Check out all TSNO strategic initiatives:

Contact Adam Morrison at amorrison@otec.org or download our Tourism & Hospitality Emergency Recovery Partnership Guide.

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