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Attract Workers. Pre-employment Training. Professional Development. Return To Work.

The Tourism SkillsNet Ontario (TSNO) alliance leads workforce skills development for the province, raising professional standards and developing provincial and regional workforce strategies and initiatives throughout the diverse Tourism and Hospitality sector.

Attract workers. Pre-employment training. Professional development. Return to work.

Tourism SkillsNet Ontario (TSNO) members are able to access unique programs designed to help newcomers entering the tourism and hospitality sector workforce acquire the skills they need, and, experienced workers learn new skills to make them more marketable. All of which helps with a smoother labour transition, greater efficiencies and economies of scale – just to name a few.

Real time industry data at your fingertips.

Right now, TSNO members are actively using Labour Market Information (LMI) insights and the Job Transition Dashboard to prepare, adapt and plan for the ongoing effects of COVID-19.

Our LMI data helps members gain insights into regional and demographic trends, provides statistics and tracks workplace changes so they can make better more informed decisions about recruiting new staff, training current workforce, and much more.


  • Get the latest insights on current and future local labour trends
  • Plan your workforce with the most up-to-date local information

The Job Transition Dashboard helps ensure smooth labour transitions at the local level by matching the right candidates with the right opportunities at just the right place and time.


  • Matches candidates with the right combination of skills, abilities and knowledge to the right opportunities.
  • Identifies specialized or highly paid occupations that may require retraining, a move to another sector, or destination.

Destination Dynamics tool can help TSNO members create recovery plans, identify new revenue opportunities and more.


  • Helps local and regional businesses bounce back with smart recovery plans and funding.
  • Gives local and regional businesses the ability to make smarter operational and staffing decisions.

Best-in-Class trainings for workforce development

Managers & Supervisors

You’ll want to learn more about TSNO’s Accelerated Leadership Training. The Accelerated Leadership Training series is designed for tourism and hospitality sector managers and leaders seeking to improve their leadership skills, build their people skills, and advance their careers. Featuring four unique leadership courses, this training focuses on developing the skills managers and leaders need to build, lead and grow with effective teams. It is FREE for Ontario tourism and hospitality sector leaders.

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TSNO members have access to tools such as Business Recovery tools, Destination Recovery Support, and resources programs that can help them on the road to post-COVID recovery and beyond.


ALiGN Platform

ALiGN leverages sophisticated psychometric assessment and job-matching methodologies to improve access to “right fit” talent. ALiGN connects Tourism SkillsNet Ontario partners to job-matching technology and resources.



Magnet matches the right talent for the right opportunities. Magnet aggregates jobs from a variety of job boards like indeed and Canada job bank while providing access to thousands of student and mature candidates across the country.


Next Generation Tourism and Hospitality Worker

Tourism & Hospitality Emergency Response (THER) is a new recovery plan for workers and workplaces to assist people who have lost their jobs or are working fewer hours due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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