About the Job Transition Tool

Target early retraining and upskilling opportunities in your region

Make job transitions simpler

TSNO members have free access to the Job Transition Dashboard and are actively using it to identify and analyze the specific industries and occupations that are competing for tourism and hospitality workers. Learn more about the competition and adjust their employee value proposition to stay ahead of the curve.

The Job Transition Dashboard is part of a suite of tools that is available to TSNO members. TSNO is committed to helping our members navigate the changing world of work provincially and at a community level with the most up to date relevant labour market information including intelligence on viable and desirable career transitions.

DISCLAIMER: This tool is not optimized for mobile and touch-device use. It is best suited for larger tablets, laptops or desktops. We recommend using Google Chrome, as Safari users may have to enable third party cookies to visualize this site.

Why TSNO members are using the Job Transition Tool?

Who has the skills you need as employer? What skills do you need as a jobseeker to get to start a career in tourism and hospitality or get to the next level? Are you willing to relocate? Do you need to be completely reskilled or just expand your skill set? Which regions are hiring? Where are opportunities growing? The Job Transition Dashboard helps ensure smooth labour transitions at the local level by matching the right candidates with the right opportunities at just the right place and time.

Job transition data intelligence highlights

  • Matches candidates with the right combination of skills, abilities and knowledge to the right opportunities
  • Identifies specialized or highly paid occupations that may require retraining, a move to another sector, or destination
  • Develops and plans early training and upskilling opportunities to better support workers and businesses alike
  • Combats labour shortages by broadening the recruitment pool for employers
  • Combats unemployment/layoffs by broadening the job pool for jobseekers
  • Data and insights that are available by region, can help create practical recovery strategies

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TSNO members are actively working together to encourage and further conversations at the local level and while aligning recruitment and training with the sector specific skills that employers require the most. TSNO members have a strong voice. They represent and raise awareness of the labour market challenges in their communities because they already have a seat at the table. Members are experiencing the financial and workforce benefits of smarter decision-making by using tools and resources created to do just that. Click here to learn more.

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  • Builds collaborative partnerships between industry and the workforce development system
  • Supports attraction, retention and advancement of tourism and hospitality workers
  • Leverages data and technology to help businesses, destinations and workers navigate the labour market with intelligence
  • Ensures quality assurance across training networks through industry-led programming standards and strong evaluation
  • Leverages data and evidence to support targeted investments and consistent communications across the network
  • Provides economies of scale to businesses, destinations and training partners pursuing data, training and technology infrastructure to support their workforce development goals
  • Provides a framework for local strategic workforce planning and the support required for effective implementation

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