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Put Destination Dynamics Insights To Work For Your Organization

OTEC’s Destination Dynamics Economic and Labour Recovery Dashboard is a visualization tool that uses data to track Tourism and Hospitality Industry economic recovery and resiliency across Ontario. It displays a selection of latest available data insights on employment, revenue and expenditure flows to help with monitoring the impact of COVID-19 and strategic planning across multiple local destinations. The dashboard is intended to provide TSNO Alliance Members access to key metrics that may help inform policy, regional planning, strategic planning including recovery
initiatives. Updates will occur quarterly and additional customized insights into additional revenue, employment and expenditure analytics are available, contact us for additional details.

DISCLAIMER: This tool is not optimized for mobile and touch-device use. It is best suited for larger tablets, laptops or desktops. Work is ongoing to improve the user experience.

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Optimize Regional Performance

Get in touch with our team to find out more about our expertise and how your organization and destination can leverage customized Destination Dynamics insights to enhance your strategic planning.

Tips To Easily Access Insights

On all Destination Dynamics dashboards hover to highlight additional data insights on map destinations, on Year-over-Year trend lines, on bar graphs. For the time series the hover indicates the start and end period selected. In the right-hand corner of the revenue, employment and expenditure dashboards use the Hover to Learn More about the dashboard insights

  • Map visualizations analyze and display the impact of COVID-19 on the 28 destinations and provincially.
  • Year-over-Year (YOY) visualizations compare one year with the previous year to show the increase or decline. YOY is shown in line graphs. Select and hover over the line to get additional information on the year-over-year insights.
  • Time Series Visualizations allow you to spot trends, sudden shifts and outliers by selecting a start and end year; just move the slider. Hover to highlight the data insights, not just the totals shown on the visualizations
  • Butterfly Visualizations provide a glance at the difference in expenditure flows between Ontario and your destination. Just select your destination and hover to see additional insights.

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