Labour Market Insights

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What you need to know about Labour Market Insights

The workforce and labour markets are constantly changing. Access to timely information is essential to understand the challenges employers in Ontario’s Tourism & Hospitality sector face.

Our Impact and Insights team works with partners across Tourism SkillsNet Ontario, such as regional tourism organizations, training delivery partners, and tourism associations, to provide customized local labour market insights into:

  • In-demand jobs and skills across the tourism and hospitality industry

  • Labour supply and demand across the industry

  • Education and skills requirements

  • Insights into recruitment and retention challenges experienced by organizations

So, if you are looking to better understand your local, regional tourism and hospitality labour market trends and forecasts, to help address the labour market challenges you are facing, please get in touch with us.

Why TSNO members are using Labour Market Insights?

What are the top 10 occupations? Who are the top 10 employers? What education and experience requirements are trending? What are the top certifications required? How do you set realistic salary expectations? What are the top 10 specialized skills that are in demand right now? Is there any historical data that we can learn from to inform recovery strategies? These are just of the questions that can be answered with the data and insights the LMI tool can provide.

Relevant and reliable labour market insights can:

  • Help individuals find jobs that are better matched with their education and skill level
  • Help our delivery, training and career-guidance partners develop programs to meet the most current labour market needs
  • Helps employers find the right candidate with the right skills – faster
  • Helps regional and provincial policy makers design programs that are current and relevant

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Tourism SkillsNet Ontario (TSNO) provides our partners with timely, localized and usable labour market information work and skill requirement trends. Our interactive dashboard provides accessible, clear and usable information to facilitate decision-making by employers, policy markers, service provides and job seekers.

Our customized regional labour market snapshots, as well as, trend analysis, are designed to inform short-term and long-term workforce planning, marketing and investment strategies.

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