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About OTEC’s Labour Market Information (LMI) Tool

OTEC has partnered with FutureFIT AI to bring you Labour Market Information on a monthly basis for the Hospitality, Food and Tourism sector.

Note: This tool is not optimized for mobile and touch devices usage. It is best suited for larger tablets, laptops or desktop sizes. We recommend using Google Chrome, as Safari users may have to enable third-party cookies to visualize this site.

The Dashboard

To view Monthly Employer Demand LMI data at a Provincial level, first select the desired time range on the right-side panel. You can select individual or multiple months.

For Regional Employer Demand LMI data, by CMA/CA Region, please use the filters on the right-side panel. Please note, the Specialized Skills and Human Skills are defined only at the Provincial Level.

Please scroll down to view the Job Demand data at a Provincial or Regional level, again using the right-side panels to apply any filters required.

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