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Recovery strategies rooted in science

Predicting and directing resources where they are needed most.

As we know, the tourism and hospitality industry face a long and challenging recovery. That’s where the Economic Impact Forecast Model really goes to work.

A first of its kind, the Economic Impact Model enhances and extends
traditional labour and economic forecasting through the integration of AI enabled web analytics. It enables never before seen labour market and revenue forecasts, by industry segment, at the destination level. Think of it as a ‘crystal ball’ only rooted in historical data and powerhouse analytics that looks into revenues and employment by region to help create recovery plans at a local level. It can even support government stakeholders in forecasting local spending and tax revenues at each forecasted stage of the recovery.

Because it builds upon Canada’s traditional tourism labour market
information and forecasting framework, developed by Conference Board of
Canada, the data is relevant to stakeholders and planners at the local, provincial and national level.

DISCLAIMER: The Ontario Tourism Education Corporation (OTEC) has partnered with Conference Board of Canada and Future Fit AI to bring you Destination Dynamics insights across Ontario.
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Take a tour of the Economic Impact Forecast Model

The Economic Impact Forecast Model is part of a suite of tools that is
available to TSNO members. TSNO is committed to helping our members
navigate the changing world of work provincially and at a community level
by forecasting revenue and employment opportunities with the most up to
date, relevant data we have. See how the Economic Impact Forecast Model
works for yourself.

Why TSNO members are using the Economic Impact Forecast Model

Looking for revenue forecasting to help you plan for the future? Labour trends? Differentiating between local and visitor spending? There are just a few of the data points that the Economic Impact Forecast Model provides TSNO members. Forecast views are 5 years out and are updated quarterly.
All of which helps make smarter business today for the greatest impact in the future.

  • Provides friendly, innovative and interactive data on historical, current and forecasted analytics.
  • Gain insight on labour demand by industry sector
  • Differentiate between local and visitor spending
  • Understand how COVID has impacted your industry

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