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From employers or operators and municipalities, to tourism organizations and community organizations supporting job seekers – our TSNO member alliance runs the gamut of industry leaders. Today, we are 268 members and counting – and we invite you to join us because we are only as strong as our member base. Let’s build Ontario’s future together.

Top reasons to become a TSNO member

  • Builds collaborative partnerships between industry and the workforce development system
  • Supports attraction, retention and advancement of tourism and hospitality workers
  • Leverages data and technology to help businesses, destinations and workers navigate the labour market with intelligence
  • Ensures quality assurance across training networks through industry-led programming standards and strong evaluation
  • Leverages data and evidence to support targeted investments and consistent communications across the network
  • Provides economies of scale to businesses, destinations and training partners pursuing data, training and technology infrastructure to support their workforce development goals
  • Provides a framework for local strategic workforce planning and the support required for effective implementation
Reasons to become a Tourism SkillsNet Ontario member

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Skills and labour challenges are among the most pressing issues faced by the tourism and hospitality industry. To address this issue, OTEC directs tourism and hospitality workforce development efforts across the province. Tourism SkillsNet Ontario leverages provincial collaboration and investment to tackle skills, labour and strategic challenges at the local level, offering customized solutions to address these challenges and to build an empowered, resilient and thriving industry.

The TSNO alliance was formed in late 2018 in response to an increasingly chronic shortage of workers in tourism and hospitality. Business owners and employers in the tourism, hospitality and food service sectors cite labour and skills shortage as a critical inhibitor of growth. For example, a 2015 study revealed that there is a growing shortage of qualified front-line, mid- level and management workers, leaving tourism-based organizations at a disadvantage.

Collectively, stakeholders recognized the need for innovative strategies to respond to the lack of skilled workers and the importance of recruiting, training, upskilling, reskilling and retention. TSNO enables its members to develop collaborative strategies at the local/destination level, aligning recruitment and training with the sector-specific skills businesses need most.

TSNO has four strategic priorities:

1) Foster a shared vision - an environment of focused collaboration and coordination

2) Develop a skilled, nimble and reliable talent pipeline for employers

3) Secure opportunities for jobseekers aiming to build transferrable skills and experience

4) Increase job seeker’s interest in tourism roles by enhancing the sector’s image and illustrating the range of career options

The tourism sector is comprised of five distinct but related industry groups: accommodation, food and beverage services, recreation and entertainment, transportation and travel services. Restaurants can absolutely join TSNO as they fall under food and beverage services. Businesses of any size – from “mom and pop” businesses to large scale establishments within any of the five related industry groups are eligible to join TSNO.
TSNO Membership is free, fast and easy. TSNO is funded through industry partners, governments grants and initiatives.

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