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Bringing Diversity to Tourism & Hospitality

Reimagine to Succeed: Bringing Diversity to Tourism & Hospitality

Funded by the Ministry of Seniors and Accessibility under the EnAbling Change program, OTEC’s new project aims to create more equitable opportunities in the tourism and hospitality sector for persons with disabilities, through education and awareness initiatives, coupled with tailored support for employers.

Project components will include:

  • Compilation of resources/toolkit to increase capacity for employers to recruit and hire more diverse candidates to their workplace.
  • Individualized advising support to employers through hands-on assessment and consultation. Employers will gain an understanding of which of their roles or which tasks can be modified/restructured to be more inclusive and where the specific barriers are, as well as potential solutions to address.
  • Access to Disability Awareness & Confidence Training, delivered by our project partner, ODEN.
  • Awareness raising activities which will visualize disability in tourism and hospitality workplaces to demonstrate to employers’ new possibilities and give a heightened awareness of diverse employees and employers who have hired persons with disabilities.

For more information or to connect with our Disability Inclusion Business Advisor please reach out to us at