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Tourism SkillsNet North (TSNN)

Say yes to opportunities in Northern Ontario

In collaboration with Destination Northern Ontario, Nature and Outdoor Tourism Ontario, Ontario Tourism Education Corporation, Ontario Employment Service Providers, and Northern Ontario Workforce Planning Boards, Tourism SkillsNet North was designed to identify specific workforce labour gaps, train up to 200 potential employees, and match them with available job opportunities within Northern Ontario’s tourism sector.

Qualified employers were eligible for a 50% wage subsidy up to:

  • Seasonal employer (new TSNN employee): $3,000
  • Seasonal employer or year-round employer (returning TSNN employee): $2,500
  • Year-round employer (new TSNN employee): $5,000

This program was tailored for jobseekers, seasonal workers, or newly-hired employees seeking to improve their skills. Training opportunities were open to as many employees as possible, aiming to foster a skilled workforce primed for excellence. Through a combination of virtual instructor-led training and self-paced eLearning modules, participants gained valuable insights into service excellence, hospitality professionalism, emotional intelligence, and essential safety protocols.

The Tourism SkillsNet North Training Guide below includes an overview of the free training that participants received when enrolled in Tourism SkillsNet North. The Tourism SkillsNet North training guide provided an overview of the available training programs and courses that were available until March 31st, 2024.

Virtual Instructor-Led Training

  • Essential Service Excellence: Service Excellence encouraged participants to go beyond basic customer service and empowered them to create memorable experiences.
  • Hospitality Professionalism: Participants learned about effective communication systems, devices, anticipatory, and personalized service in hospitality.

Virtual self-led eLearning
  • Service EQ: This interactive training provided strategies for leveraging and developing Emotional Intelligence in both personal life and during work within the Tourism and Hospitality industry.
  • Communicating for Excellence: Through this interactive training, participants learned how different communication styles influenced behavior and day-to-day situations, understanding, managing, and leveraging emotional intelligence to deal effectively with conflict and relate to others more effectively.
Smart Serve
  • The training prepared participants to work in any environment where alcohol is sold, served, or sampled in the province of Ontario, with short videos, quizzes, text/audio, activities, and games before completing the Final Certification.
Food Safety
  • This course helped participants learn important information about food safety and how to do their job better, meeting all recommended requirements of the Canadian Food Retail and Foodservices Code and Regulations.
De-Escalation Training
  • Achieving Service Excellence with De-escalation of problems and issues.
Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System

In the program, 315 participants were trained across various essential skills for the tourism and hospitality industry. Supporting 72 employers, the program successfully provided opportunities for jobseekers, seasonal workers, and newly-hired employees to elevate their skills and contribute to Northern Ontario’s thriving tourism sector. This collaborative effort between employers and training providers ensured the development of a skilled workforce poised to deliver exceptional experiences for visitors to Northern Ontario.

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