Regional Working Groups

Every region in Ontario is faced with unique challenges – especially during this post-pandemic climate. Challenges faced by one region may not be faced by another. Which is why Tourism SkillsNet Ontario (TSNO) Regional Working Groups have a mandate to provide local perspective, guidance and advice to the Tourism SkillsNet Ontario network on policies, procedures and initiatives. TSNO Regional Working Groups meet to discuss and support action plans that address challenges such as labour shortages, gaps and opportunities in skills training and so much more. It’s an opportunity for business owners and community stakeholder in their designated region to meet, discuss, learn, share and grow. 

TSNO is an industry alliance working in support of a network of community-based working groups that link employers, community employment/education and municipal/economic development (ECDEV) stakeholders in local workforce plans. 

The TSNO Regional Working Groups are supported by Kelly Brintnell for East and Northeastern Ontario, and Kieran Wells for West,
Central, and Northwest Ontario
. Kelly and Kieran are staff members of OTEC, the founder of TSNO.  

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